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The API is a free-to-use API that provides information about servers running Plutonium, AlterWare, Aurora and other clients.
Theres no authentication required at the moment, should you run into issues with Cloudflare contact me on Discord or via email (hi[at]


The API is available at[endpoint], additionally theres a legacy API on[page]/json.
The following endpoints are available:

/servers, /servers/[platform], /servers/[platform]/[game]

Example response (some keys vary depending on the game and platform):
    servers: [
            "identifier": "XXXXXXXXXX", // Unique identifier generated from the server's IP and port
            "ip": "", // Server IP
            "port": 28960, // Server port
            "password": false,
            "hostname": "^1Host^0name",
            "hostnameDisplayFull": "Hostname", // Hostname without color codes
            "gamename": "IW4",
            "game": "iw4",
            "gameDisplay": "Modern Warfare 2",
            "maxplayers": 18,
            "gametype": "sd",
            "gametypeDisplay": "Search and Destroy",
            "sv_motd": "^1Message ^5of ^3the ^2day",
            "map": "mp_highrise",
            "mapDisplay": "Highrise",
            "clients": 18,
            "bots": 0,
            "protocol": 151,
            "fs_game": "",
            "hc": true,
            "securityLevel": 23,
            "sv_running": true,
            "wwwDownload": false,
            "wwwUrl": "",
            "aimassist": "1",
            "round": -1,
            "known": true,
            "changed": true,
            "online": true,
            "platform": "alterware",
            "players": [
                    "name": "mxve",
                    "ping": 5,
                    "score": 1337,
                    "test_client": 0
            "date": 1337000000000,
            "country": "br",
            "countryDisplay": "Brazil",
            "endpoint": "", // IW4x HTTP endpoint
            "endpoint_available": true,
            "realClients": 18 // Clients excluding bots

Server banners are automatically generated PNG's displaying the most important server details.


The banner API is available at[endpoint].

/[identifier], /[ip]/[port]

Example image:
Unknown server banner
Unknown server:
Unknown server banner